ENTRY LXXII | Bad heart

Didn’t expect to see you today. After one fucking month of waiting in vain, you came. My friend always tried to trick me about you being around when you’re not. Today they told me you were walking into the school and was almost walking past our post. I knew they were saying the truth when I felt my heartbeat. In an instance, I wanted to look back but I wanted to show them that I won’t get fooled twice though I was aware that they were not fooling around this time.

As we went to the mushroom seats, I saw you walking past and I knew you were going to go to where we were from. My two friends were still there. I used my Operations Research book as an alibi. My feet was too weak to follow my brain’s order not to try to walk to him. It failed miserably and I was shocked myself when I saw myself in front of you. You greeted me and touched my sleeves. If my sleeves weren’t too long, you’d be holding my hand directly. I tried to breathe as normal as I could. I don’t care if you’re just the same with everybody else but I’ll just mention it. I’ll just mention how many times we did a high five in just one seating.


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