Today was less tiring but was still freaking tiring anyway.

You were assigned to buy the lunch for the crew today, supposedly. We, Lai and I, panicked that you might not come so Lai insisted that I text you. Basically, sending someone a short message would be the easiest thing to do but I had hesitations. Of course, we were talking about you! Lai won’t believe me that I honestly didn’t have your digits. In the end, of course, as expected, I agreed upon her persuasion. She gave me your digits and had me send you a text message. It took you awhile to reply back or maybe I was too busy. Lunch time almost killed me. I had to contact our guest speaker and he wasn’t freaking answering his phone. I was getting hysterical that he might get lost for my school isn’t really that popular with other people and he can’t be late. If his talk gets delayed the next program will be as well. I suddenly received a message that moment thinking it was our guest speaker. I was, again, getting hysterical already. I forgot to check the name I was talking to. Your names were both starting with letter J anyway! I thought it was seriously our guest speaker, I had to reply back as courteously as I can until I realized it was you I was conversing with!!

As I was walking back and forth some of my friends called me and JG several times to take a picture with them. We had to say no at least twice coz we were freaking busy and we can’t actually be sitting and taking pictures with anyone, you see. After the nth time, we actually sat and had the picture taken but even before it was actually done I had to stand again when my phone rang. I panicked when I saw your name on my phone’s screen. I was just about to answer it when I saw you looking at me. You finally arrived. Oh. I went back to the mushroom seat for the picture and one of my friends teased me, how I left them for you. I swear, ugh.

I received 2 missed calls from you today, all, of course, missed and left unanswered. I had all incoming calls today answered except yours. I just don’t understand why I wasn’t able to see your call. Your second call, I swear, we were nearby each other? I don’t remember hearing my phone ringing. Why?

So, we had a guest band today! And, they were good-looking, istg. I was the one to hold Drei’s acoustic guitar the whole time until his band’s intermission number. Watch me blush. I guarded it with my life, lol just kidding. I didn’t let anyone else hold it except you since you were freaking persistent. The backstage people knew I had a crush on Drei the moment I saw him that day. Crush in the same wavelength of how I spazz on Korean idols since he was a singer. I forgot how much I liked you when I scolded you (not in a serious way still, ofc!) to seriously take care of the guitar and not to dare put a scratch on it. You jokingly told me (I had to pray you were just joking because you didn’t look like you were and you never added the word ‘joke’) that you would pull the strings off. Subukan mo lang, I told you. And duh, you were insisting how you looked like Drei? Many times you told the people there how you and Drei were similar in terms of looks? Uh. I don’t know. I wanna choke you.

So while I was busy working around, although the day was almost over, the two of you were left alone with the two other guest judges. When we arrived there I sat across the judges and you were sitting in the right side. I was tired but my peripheral vision never failed me. I looked back at you several times and you were smiling like always. Sighs, I’ll miss your smile. I don’t know if you have this habit of having a staring game but? Sighs. Or maybe it was me having a habit of assuming things on my own. 

One of the booths was selling toys and the vendor nicely gave us souvenirs. She had us pick on the stuffed toys available and although I didn’t know Snorlax at first I picked him since I found him so cute. I had to ask JG for its name. Funny how Snorlax and I have so many similarities. We also received a pen and panda each. Lai held it for us when we saw her. She was hugging them since they were so cute. When we arrived in the holding room with the judges not around anymore, Lai put the toys in the table and the first thing that struck you was Snorlax. You grabbed Snorlax as soon as you saw him! You asked who owns it, JG and Lai didn’t answer and I could imagine them snickering to themselves. I naughtily said, Secret! I was also half anxious that you might ask to arbor it. I had to reject Lai since Snorlax is too cute and it was given to me. If I bought it, it could have been easier for me to give it away. You actually wanted to get it but I begged to disagree, simply saying Hindi pwede! while not plain flat admitting that it’s mine. I was cleaning around when I turned back and realized Snorlax was missing already and it was not on the table anymore! I seriously panicked. I asked everyone Saan si Snorlax?! I knew I was half obvious that it was mine as soon as I asked that. I turned around again and in the moment I saw your back I was just about to ask again when I saw your back pocket. In a rush, I was almost actually getting already it when I realized it was your butt. It was you. I have a crush on you and like hell. I held my hand back pretending I didn’t know where it was. Later on, you placed it on the table in the office.

Remember the scenes in Asian drama series where the guy pats (simply ruining her hair) the girl on the head and she gets all giddy? I now get it. 


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