This has been one freaking exhausting day for me, both physically and emotionally. Was too happy to be with you all day long which I didn’t and never expected. Nevertheless, as always, I also felt a bit off today and you’re partly the reason why.

Ms. D intentionally put us in one place since she was aware that I had this liking on you. I went to school early and was already busy first thing in the morning. I, of course, was excited to see you already. I walked past you and continued walking with my friend. I noticed her snickering at herself and that is why I asked her. What shocked me is she told me that you’ve been following us. And, I realized that I’ve been seeing you since the first time I saw you this morning. I don’t know who told you that we’re assigned in one place but I guess you had this idea that I’ll be guiding you throughout. But boy, I had duties.

How many times did you have to fix my sash? I lost count. I’m actually a sensitive person. I notice almost everything that is why I easily get flattered. I’ve had no boyfriend since birth and I’m not really that close with boys (since I never let them). To actually feel and receive some care from an opposite sex and from someone you like, of course, is a whole different thing.

I don’t know if it’s me following your gaze or our eyes, coincidentally (funny, coz I don’t believe in coincidence), meeting again and again. I tried to avoid being in one place with you as much as I could. I kept myself busy the whole morning, taking pictures even though I wasn’t that obliged to do so. I kept walking back and forth to take pictures of the students around and every single time I would pass by the back of the auditorium, you’ll be looking. I know thanks to my peripheral vision and me looking back at you. There was this time I wanted to take a picture from the second floor so I walked to the stairs and I knew you were staring but, giggles, I didn’t look back. Maybe you’re just as observant as I am.

Thanks to my naughty friends who snatched my phone, we had a picture together, well of course, with them. Funny thing is… of course, I shouldn’t be putting malice on things but I would coz I like you, so the funny thing is, you went to my back and positioned there. My back was literally pressing against your chest. I kept whispering, I’m dying, at myself. I had to move a little coz I might just visit the clinic for not breathing well. I thought I was the only one who noticed not until I felt my friend squeezing my hand, teasing me.

How many times do I have mention how special it is when you’re the one who calls my name? I might just puke after typing this down but hell, I don’t give a fuck right now. I just feel good. I’m just happy which is really wrong. Wrong, in a way, that I might I ask for more and more. We all know how greedy a human being can get.

Okay, so. I noticed something myself. I was carrying a pile of paper which was not actually heavy at all. I don’t know if I’m just me, being strong, or the papers being naturally light. However, you still insisted to get it from me. I was just standing still. I was sure I didn’t look tired while holding the papers. I was sure there was another person who actually looked more tired walking around holding another pile of papers but you didn’t ask her to give you those. So, yeah, you get my point. I’m here being malicious as fuck.

Our hands accidentally met once and I pulled it away as soon as I felt it. I didn’t know I would actually feel and witness myself the things I only saw on T.V. You know that feeling of getting grounded (like I’m actually talking about sparks, ew)? It felt like that. I don’t know if that only happens on one person or when two persons felt the same way? But nah, I’m going to make sure to know before I leave the world. I’ll keep you posted!

You’ve been punching around. Want me to punch you right in your face?

So it was only after I posted and received comments from others when I realized that my whole album for today was filled with your face. It’s not my fault that you’re such a photobomber, isn’t it?

This has been a day where people kept on making me realize things. Ms D teased me like how I didn’t really need help with you since I had my own moves. She told my friends how she only put me and you in one place in the morning. She didn’t assign us as partners. She didn’t plan to put us together the whole day but it ended that way, thanks to my damoves daw. It’s that moment when I realized, oo nga no? How the hell did we end up together the whole day? You could have moved to another set of people or group and not with me since you’re not as close with me as you are with others?


I feel like I have forgotten to mention a lot of things that have happened today. It was such a long day, I couldn’t remember anymore. I just know that I was with you and I was happy. And I shouldn’t be.

Oh, I also noticed how you’re not teasing me with Emeged anymore? Did you finally believe me when I told you… or do you already know the freaking truth?


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