So, it has almost been a month since I last saw you. I felt excited for a moment this morning. What reason? I don’t exactly know why. I’ve seen your tarpaulin flash many times whenever I pass by the lobby. 

During lunch, I ranted and ranted how could you guys have possibly forgotten to visit your own school? It’s been two weeks since the resume of classes anyway. 

Minutes later, I found out that you’re there. You arrived when I went out to buy lunch. I felt so happy and excited. I wanted to run to school and see you. 

I wanted to greet you but I could only look at you even when you greeted us. 

One time, I saw you. I stopped and stared, taking all the time until you were about to look at my side. I looked away and turned my back until you passed by. 

As we went to the office, I didn’t go inside. I stayed behind, to sit in the stairs. I suddenly felt sick, dizzy even. 

I heard some footsteps then saw you. Oh. You took a peek in the office then walked to the veranda which was weird. No one was obviously there. If I were to let my assuming cells kick in, I’d say you were killing time and wanted to say something? You said something but I couldn’t hear it the first time as I had my earphones on. I plugged it out to say Hah? Then you answered back, Good afternoon po. 

Then, you went inside the office. 
I missed you. I’m sad. 


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