So much has happened today but as usual, I missed you like every single day I do. It was too much of a shock when the door at the backstage swung open and you appeared. You looked shocked just the same way. You greeted me Merry Christmas not just once. I don’t know if it was just me but you would intently greet me then greet others just for the sake of greeting everyone. I love putting malice into everything you do coz heck I like you.

We had a meeting for our shortcomings today. I didn’t know where to look at. I knew what JG was going to say already. I’m not the type of person who’s willing to listen to something again and again. I had to look everywhere but nowhere when you suddenly untied my shoelace. Damn you. There were many times whenever I’d look at you, you would look back in a second. I had to focus my eyes on the lightning behind instead. I also noticed the times when you were staring. I looked back a few times but I left you like that the other times.

I loved your gifts. I would surely remember you whenever I use the scarf and the socks, having the color and design with your favorites. Like heck, I would still remember you nonetheless.


i miss you


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