ENTRY LXIII | with you

Today was totally unexpected. JG was always the one to open the door in the office but this time I had to go to the library so I was about to go out when someone knocked. I opened it carelessly not having any idea who it could be. I was shocked to see your eyes in the same eye level as you bent down. My jaw dropped literally, I turned my back to the room and said you and your course-mate are there. I bid bye to JG. I was complaining to myself as I walked to the library. Complaining why I had to go out of the office just when he’s around. I got more surprised when the door in the library suddenly swung open. My heart went wild, again. You sat next to my computer to surf the net. I was busy transferring files, thank God, I could act normal at least, I hope. I found out that you’re off duty today and you were just called to school by your professor for your thesis but it so happened that it was cancelled or something so it’s like you went for nothing. I said good bye as soon as I finished doing what I had to do, I regretted it as soon as I did though, hoping I transferred the files slower. What surprised more is when you told me to wait for you and would just go along with me. So, of course, I did.

That afternoon was a total mess. We had to pick the medals somewhere. JG couldn’t go along with us since she’s somewhat busy and you’re also insisting that we could just go. The drizzle was a blessing in disguise. Thanks to that, we had to walk under the same umbrella. Never thought such scenario would actually happen. You just don’t know how much I had to calm my heart down. Times when I’d be so comfortable as I am with my friends, I suddenly held your arm holding the umbrella when I was looking away and was thinking about something. I was surprised of my own action I casually put my hand down. I liked how you made sure not even a drop of rain would get on me. I always had to push the umbrella to your side so you wouldn’t get wet.

We also distributed some of the t-shirts together. You’re somewhat reliable, okay.

So much happened. I don’t know anymore.

We were together the whole afternoon.

However, JG, JJ and I had to leave for Quiapo in the late afternoon. It was evening already when we got back.



Tagalog rants ahead:

Tatagalugin ko na kasi nakakagago ang nararamdaman ko.

Pagkatapos mo akong pakiligin, may iba ka namang pinakilig habang nagpapakahirap ako sa Quiapo. Leche ka.

Pagkatapos mo ko bigyan ng fries, inubos mo rin. Takaw mo. Bakit ka ba tumatabi ha? Maglalakad nalang eh, di naman tayo magkatabi sa umpisang lakad non pero, shet, oo assuming na, pero bat binagalan mo lakad mo tapos magkalinya na tayo? Ano ba? Kahit ayaw ko, kahit pigilan ko, kahit normal lang yun sayo, may gusto ako sayo kaya kahit di ko gustuhin, may mga sitwasyon na di ko mapipigilang lagyan ng malisya. Nakakainis ka.

Pero mas nakakainis pa rin ako, aware ako pero nagpapakatanga pa rin.


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