ENTRY LXII | fresh eyes


I didn’t expect to see you today but I felt nervous once I saw your intern-mates. I knew there’s a chance. And oh gad, I did see you early in the morning. JG intentionally called you to go with us to pick up the trophy. She was even planning to act like her knees were aching so you and I can go alone but I stopped her. I didn’t want to make it easy and obvious to you. Although, many times a day, I wish I could let you know.

As we walked to the other department, I got flustered when you put your left arm around my shoulder and I saw at the same time that you put your right on JG. Thank God, coz if not, I’d be fidgeting to death. Since, your arms were on our shoulder, we had to walk closer. As we arrived, some of the high school students cheered and shouted your name. I recognized one of them having a crush on you. We teased you so bad and you cussed back at us. Heartthrob pala eh.

As we went back and were walking to the stairs, I kept looking back as you talked to one of your friends and as you caught up, you said something freaking surprising again. Wala si *emegerd* eh. It was literally jaw dropping. Even JG had to laugh so hard. And again, you were clueless. I had to answer a Ha?! back. Lingon ka nang lingon eh. You teased as I shook my head in disbelief. I was looking at you and not at anyone else.

Inside the office, you noticed the cloth with our fingerprints and names (Young Leaders’ Congress last time) beside it, on the wall. My heart fluttered when you easily spotted my name. You asked this and that. Then, one time, I looked at you and you were looking back. We looked at each other for so long. I couldn’t stop myself. I missed those eyes so much. You suddenly said May kamukha ka.
Later that night, I saw you again. You went back and helped during the volleyball game. One time, I went to the other side of the net to untie it, alone. You suddenly spoke behind me, Galing ah, as I easily untied it. I walked to get the other part of the net and again, you grabbed it from me, insisting you’d do it. Thanks. You did it in a different way though but whatever. I mocked you saying how nice your work was and you proudly said *Your surname* eh. From then on, I mocked you with the same line you said.

Ever since I fell into your trap, I felt like every song was written to remind me of you. Fresh eyes always especially did for you had those fresh eyes and like the lyrics implied: So suddenly, I’m in love with a stranger. But what the heck, you suddenly sang this. How much more would this remind me of you, young man.

I was able to converse with you and JG longer than normal. Sighs. Happy me. Tired me. I’m just finding you to be more adorable each day. What am I supposed to do? You stayed ’till 19:40. You had to leave. You’d be meeting your girlfriend. Ouch. You told us prior to that time that you had to leave so as the hand hit 19:40, I called you and said Lumayas ka na, 7:40 na. Yes, ouch me.
I found out a lot like not really but almost enough to actually make me stop and make me continue liking you.
And again, I feel like I’ve forgotten some scenarios.


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