ENTRY LVI | One More Time

It might have meant nothing to you but fuck, it’s been a week since I last saw you.

It might have meant nothing to you but heck, I wanted to hug you.

It might have meant nothing to you but dang, I missed you so much.


I came to school in a rush and went straight to where I’m supposed to meet my friend. I looked for her as soon as I arrived at the place. There were so many people and I felt like someone’s looking at me and then I saw you.

My heart skipped a beat.

Everything happened in a blur.

You walked to me and stood so close in front of me. I was lost. I was lost for words. All I could do was stand. You said something. I don’t know if it was my system malfunctioning or just the people being noisy but I wasn’t able to hear what you said. You were telling me to tell JG something. I said, Yeah whatever and smiled. I turned around and I heard your voice again, repeating what you said.

It might have meant nothing to you but hey, until now as I typed this entry, my heart just freaking went wild again.

Maybe it’s just the excitement after not seeing you for so many days.

Last Monday when I saw you, I just looked at you.

The next day, you were like… I don’t know. Maybe it’s just you, the normal you. You entered the office. You talked to Ms. You talked to the person next to me. And I’m just. Okay.

Why do you always…

Is it just me…


I just realized something.

All these encounters, most of them, happen while the whole crowd is busy???

I don’t understand but it is? It has been always like??? I don’t know.

Oh no. Stop. I’ve just donated a bucket of tears for this last week and the other week and the… I told myself not to assume anything else anymore. I must not. All smiles.


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