ENTRY LV | missed

I missed you so much. I wasn’t able to see you for 5 days while the rest of the world could. I thought Ah, maybe time’s preparing me for the future.

I knew it was about time to go to school. I knew that was the time then I finally saw you. The second time, thanks to my friend who insisted on going that way even though you were not there anymore. You suddenly appeared, though. I even had to squint my eyes because I didn’t have my eyeglasses on. I was half pretending not to able to see you actually. I knew you were you the moment you appeared of course. I just had to do something while I stop the urge of hugging you. You always surprise me, though? You walked really fast to me intentionally but of course, I moved away. Lol at you. Thanks to my heart who always react late. Buti nalang late magreact puso ko kung hindi baka nahuli mo na ‘kong kiligin.

I ushered today. Thanks to that I was able to take glances at you many times. Gah, I was more than contented of all that. I just really wanted to see you.

We were all busy. We were in the middle of discussing the different positions and all then when I looked at you, you asked me something unexpected, May panyo ka? Since I’m pretty good in acting like usual in front of you I casually answered back what I would answer to everyone else, Bakit? You stared as if that’s not the right answer so I followed up, Meron bakit? I didn’t like lending my handkerchiefs ever since so I was wondering why he asked then he said Punasan mo pawis mo. I was dumbfounded for a second, like? That was so out of the blue. I, myself, didn’t notice that I was sweating.

I was friends with one of his coursemates (alias: Wan). Wan is really easygoing. I don’t know but I’m comfortable around him like how I’m with girls. Every time I went to the door, it’s either I talk to my friend Fur or him, Wan. I was always talking to them. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me again, like always, but I always caught your eyes looking at us like you’re mad or something. I was looking back at you like I’m sorry I couldn’t talk with you the same way I talk to Wan and you will never know why not unless you actually ask me why. I mean honestly! I love reading actions/gestures that I’ve learned to do so and I’m not numb or what. You can’t be looking at us because we were a little bit noisy? Like honestly? Coming from you. So, I don’t know.

Times when I’ll walk away when you’re around so I won’t be too obvious that I’m always near wherever you are. I stood by the cabinet or headboard whatever you call it and rested my arms there. Seconds later, I felt someone’s elbow touch mine and it was you. I didn’t even dare take a glance at you or what. I just, okay. I forgot what happened next. I guess I was called to usher someone again.

You were holding the camera when you suddenly acted like you were taking a picture of me so I posed a peace sign. Lol. I want to smack you.

Then, you finally bid your goodbye. You were not actually going to help but you still ended up doing so.


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