you asked and asked; i answered and answered.

  • I was planning to ask you many times about you but you kept on asking about me.
  • Now you know how I live, I mean, how we’re at home and how many we’re staying there and stuff. You’re too nosy, I’m gonna choke you.
  • You kept on teasing me with your friend (alias: emeged).
  • I kept on laughing at you. You look hell silly especially when you were trying snapchat’s lenses.
  • You asked me about the korean heart and I, willingly, explained to you what it was about then I, simply, sent you hearts making the pose facing you.
  • I don’t know who was that for certain but I guess it was your girl? You showed me that, fyeah. You teased me and said Gusto mo rin ng ganito? Sabihan ko si ano. I frowned and almost lost my chill. You thought I just felt bad because you were teasing me but the truth is I wanted to kick you in the face already for showing me that.
  • You laughed at me, amazed, even, at how I was able to pretend like I don’t like emeged when I really don’t.
  • I used your hoodie as a towel, sorry, no choice.
  • I was able to punch you finally! You’re so kainis kasi. 
  • You’re so vain, gad.
  • It so happened that we got a picture taken together. We were the first ones to try the photo-op prepared by my department.
  • I’m sorry I think I was the one who drank half of your water! Well, sml for water. There’s just no stopping me once I start drinking like anything. So…
  • I was thirsty this morning. I never ate or drank anything when I left home so that’s why. I stood up and told you I’ll just go to the fountain to drink but you offered your water. I was actually LC when it comes with guys. Like all my classmates know that. But I accepted your offer.
  • Thank you for your biscuit which served as my breakfast. I left home with an empty stomach, so.
  • Confirmed: solid shin min-ah fan
  • Confirmed: you watch anime (you even mentioned knb and hq like omg)
  • You teased me about the flower when it’s not really mine and yeah you started teasing me with emeged again like tf.
  • 70:30 food proportion, g?
  • I know you also smile at other people but when we do, it always stay??? like so long???? or nah it’s just me, of course (screw this heart), I sound like I’m starting to assume things but OF COURSE IM ONE HUMAN BEING. There are times I’m just too observant like at everything and I always ask and notice stuffs.
  • Kwadra gaming.
  • I’m so freaking tired.
  • I know you also high-five with others like dang it’s your habit but just this morning??? seriously, how many times did we have to??? I thought I’d lose my arm if I chose to spend one more hour with you. We kept doing that like everything single time. You and your habits are not good for me.
  • Don’t you even dare start calling me by Judith Fe. Oh, you also know now that I have three names. You even mocked me for having such a long name but I teased back saying you have just as long.
  • Imy.



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