I’m so done

Title: I’m so done

Subtitle: You

Verse 1

Your name bugs me every day

Close or open eyes, what should I say

Days are gone when…

Oh, who was I before I met you

I think I’ve gone mad


Save me, save me, before I fall harder

Stop acting like you feel the same

When you’re like that with everyone else

You get me confused and conquered

Hell to these feelings that you planted in me

I’m so done with you

Verse 2

Productive feelings of mine,

I shoo you away

Should I now count the days

Where I could only resist you for a moment

Let me get this straight


Verse 3

Oh, maybe I can’t

Maybe I just ought to go back to

To these feelings, I carry each day

When will you ever hold it for me

Oh, I’m just so done with you.



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