ENTRY XLVIII | Going to start

I’m going to start phase 1 now.

Phase 1: Stop.

I don’t know what’s happy anymore. I feel more sad than happy these days. I don’t know.

It was just me all along anyway.

I’m such a slowpoke. Stupid. Dimwit. Never thought I’d call myself this stupid but hell to this stupidity. I shouldn’t have let myself like you totally. I should have known. I should have seen the hints of a déjà vu. You’re a different case though. I should have known that maybe you’re just friendly or what. But heck, why did this stupid heart have to beat in the most unexpected and wrong time?

You kept on talking to my friend, I had to distance myself coz you weren’t talking to me at all. Like man, I don’t know if you’re mad or something. I feel like I’m totally ignored. I feel like I’ve done something wrong and I don’t totally exist. You never acted that why since. I hate you.








Can I just go somewhere else? I feel like I don’t want to see you for a moment but I can’t even wish for that, having so little time left to see you.


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