It’s Health Science Day today! I’ve been waiting for this day for I could finally be a blood donor. Well, I can actually always do that, hospitals are everywhere but it’s not like I have all the time in the world. I always lose the opportunity before. I was never updated about every school/department’s day before. Now that I was aware of your school’s schedule, I was finally able to prepare. I slept earlier than I usually do for a week. Like wow.

You guys were looking for blood donors and of course points go to you whenever you bring one. I, of course, wanted to be on your list but my friend (JG) who’s friends with you thought I have a crush on your friend (MN) so she put me on his list instead. Internal screaming. As we were waiting for MN I sat there sulking and almost sleepy already. Then, you were passing by then paused for a moment to laugh at us and I was like Tinatawa tawa mo dyan na face. There was one time when you slid (like a pat??) your hand in my back saying to wait for MN for a few more minutes. The next time, I saw you restless then you suddenly picked a candy from the basket in the table then you paused in my side and poked me (like man, you were already standing in front of me why the need to poke) somewhat hard, as if I’m numb, you said Malapit na MN busy lang kasi. MN came minutes later and said sorry. MN said you’d be the one to assist us. Hell, you didn’t really assist us though. I asked few questions though. Maybe we looked too smart not too need any assistance. Lol.

You visited my bed post at least three times? You would either stare, smile or laugh at me. Sighs. The last time, you told me Overstaying ka na ah like it’s my fault and as if I did something wrong to you then you walked away. Ms. D whose bed was right next to me asked me Bakit masama loob non? Kanino ka nakalista? I’m like her tone was like he’s nagtatampo pero I don’t think so, it’s not like that, I know it. I answered her Kay kuya MN po. She laughed and said Pero dapat kay Your Name? All I could do was laugh back (nervously deep inside).

I saw you at McDo tonight at 21:30 thanks to my friend. I was suppose to avoid you because my outfit was horrible like man, I just went down straight from home and I look rubbish. But then, you already noticed me. You notice things, always.











I know I shouldn’t give malice to anything you do.

I know that I shouldn’t ever feel special in whatever you do.

I know that I shouldn’t feel anything whenever you smile at me coz you’re just like that.

I know that I shouldn’t feel extra special when you notice me coz you’re just friendly, I guess?

I know I shouldn’t feel this but;



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