ENTRY XLIV | chances

I wanted to make the most out of today. I want to make the most out of every single day coz I can now count the remaining days I’ll be able to see you. I can’t even imagine how I’m supposed to take it. No matter how dramatic it sounds, I just couldn’t.

Today, I was able to see you hit the ball more up-close as I was assigned as one of the line managers. Thank God.

I was almost forced to take a picture with someone else. My friend thought I liked your friend and not you. So, she almost got me have a picture taken with the friend of yours. I didn’t like those stuffs, taking pictures with your crushes and stuff but I almost said yes earlier, if only it was you. I had second thoughts when my friend reminded me that this could be my one and last chance. However, it wasn’t with you so no, thank you.


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