ENTRY XLII | somehow

I sat where I won’t be able to see you somehow but why on earth? I know you didn’t do it on purpose. I know that myself but I will still endlessly ask, why? Why did you have to be right where I was facing this time? Exactly in my line of sight. I’m going to go crazy.

My friend was inside the canteen and she forgot something so I shouted calling her name. Apparently, your name and her name sound alike. Somehow, it’s not that I know everything about you coz I’m pretty much aware that I still know so little of you. But somehow, I knew what you would do so I called her name several times more. Even though it was not my liking to shout, I still did. Then, you stopped and faced me (or us) then said Ako ba? jokingly. 

Somehow, I knew you would do that.

I answered back, Hindi ikaw po.


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