ENTRY XXXVII | now what

I really don’t know anymore. I’m just not myself today. I went to school as early as 6:15? I was in a good mood, alone (others arrive around 7:00), but happy. I had coffee and stuff but when lunch time came I just felt so sulky? I’m not even in a bad mood. I’m not annoyed at anyone. I’m just, I don’t know?

Why did the canteen have to be small anyway. You stayed there from lunch until 14:00 or 15:00? The nearest toilet room from my classroom is there and I’m one consistent visitor! All I could do was stop myself several times but still couldn’t take it often times. I just had to pee.


Oh, guess what!! I noticed some improvements in me.

  • I was able to take away my glance from you
  • Didn’t look at you several times
  • I walked at your side AND DIDN’T TAKE A LOOK EVEN ONCE
  • I didn’t look at you
  • I…

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