ENTRY XXXVI | idk anymore

If only I weren’t sleepy… If only…

My friend called you. You walked to us then you asked her for another blood stuff and I was really shocked. Her arm was still aching since yesterday I couldn’t help but react, Hala paputol mo na kamay mo! LOL. We laughed and you asked her again but my friend declined it once again then she pointed me. She knew I could and I’m willing but the heck I wasn’t myself. He looked hopingly at me but I said, Kulang ako sa tulog e. Then you said, Okay lang naman. The heck, I freaking answered back, ‘Di ako tao, wala akong dugo. I was so sleepy I forgot to grab the opportunity. Oh cheesecake and lemon popcorn, what the heck did I do? I could have experienced something else. How could I possibly reject an offer I’ve been waiting for?

Lunch time, as we were going to a certain table, which is by the way the only vacant table left, I realized something. You were sitting next to the table we were going to. As I looked back then saw you, you also looked back so quick then we smiled at each other, half-laughing.

The first time I didn’t even take a glance at you… my peripheral vision only served me for a few seconds. We were in a hurry. We were running so freaking late for our class.

If only I knew that that would be our last encounter for today, I could have taken a quick glance at you and bid a small bye or maybe a simple see you?


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