I’ve been worried sick for you. Yesterday, our classes were suspended after the first period for security purposes. I was hoping to see you just to reassure myself that you were okay. Exaggeration aside, I was just curious and well, a concerned citizen. Truly.

Today, I found out that you were practicing how to get blood like you know what med students do. Actually, it wasn’t a practice. It was for your thesis. There, I found out that we were just in the same year, connecting the dots, we’re definitely are. Oh, how I wanted to volunteer myself. I’m not afraid to get hurt anyway. Lol.

Yesterday, I missed you and until today. I always do no matter how corny it sounds, I do.

Today, as I was going back to my class I looked at the chapel, talking to God and having a monologue, my heart skipped a beat. I was calling for your name in a hush voice. I was saying, Your Name, di ka na nagpapakita sa’kin ah. Then, there a door suddenly swung open then I saw your back. I knew in an instant that it was you. I stopped for a second then continued walking slowly and quietly. You looked back before my heart could even recover. AND AGAIN, why do we always laugh at each other every single time? If not laughing, we’d be grinning. Then, before we separated ways you told me a certain date. Sa September 15 ha? I frowned then buffered for a second, I was half-panicking asking myself Is it his birthday? What? Is there a game? Ha? What? Omg. Then I asked you, Ha? Anong meron? But you only grinned then said Basta sa HealthScie. I’m just speechless? I asked everyone I know about what could there be. I don’t think it’s the HealthScie Day either coz it’s technically the pre-finals week? I asked my friend if there could be a game on that week and I got a no.

I was downstairs talking to a higher year and I was supposed to be back in my class. My friend suddenly pulled me to the stairs I was so shocked then I realized Oh, friends, supportive friends. You and your course-mates were going down then I saw you. I, again, couldn’t suppress my grin and laughed. Sighs, you changed your hair just like how you styled it. Then, you also grinned. I asked you about what’s up on Sept. 15 again but you only laughed. Okay.

Sighs, I missed you.


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