ENTRY XXXII | get well

I knew it. I knew something was wrong with you. There was something different with you yesterday. I don’t know if it was too obvious or just me observing you as much as I could these days that I can already notice those changes in you. Hope you’re not blaming yourself at all like ‘I could have played better if I weren’t sick at all’ and stuff. You dived and did your best. You were still amazing. You were too amazing that more girls are drooling over you. Exaggerated, yes, but true. I don’t even understand why so many girls like you so much? Like seriously? You’re just cute and charming and nice and friendly and… sighs. I never noticed you before until you suddenly appeared right in front of my nose. Blame the cupid luring around that day and played a trick on me.

Get well soonest, I miss you already.


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