Today, I felt a lot of things, mostly not so positive. It started good like for the first few hours until I met certain people. I hate it when I start to feel something. I love how I always get what others think and sometimes I just hate it. I hate it especially when I’m right about things that shouldn’t be. I just hope my instincts aren’t right this time coz I just don’t know what to feel.

Today, you played good but not as good as you did in your previous game. I always get this feeling that you are judging your co-members internally when they commit a mistake, lol. You just got that look on your face. You always know how to make positions like IDK your moves are just smooth and clean.

Are you alright? You look distracted today or maybe it’s just me.

You didn’t win but I know your team actually did so no worries. Are you sick or something? You even went home earlier or maybe you were just disappointed… or maybe you had another appointment to attend to.

Sighs, I want to stop liking you.


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