Got home around 20:20. Oh, the things I do just to see you. It’s actually fun though. Well, of course.

Simple interactions for others become golden to me when it’s with you. Remember when it was so narrow but (okay i’m not going to put any malice lol) yes you insisted going through that then your back hit mine. I was shocked so I kinda furiously looked back then you were grinning. Sighs.

Finally, I was able to watch you play and you played awesomely. Oh, I still can’t get over it. Your play was smooth and clean. I’d want to see you play again…

We were about to go home when we saw a bag somewhere, as concerned citizens we went back to where we came from to report it. Then, your squad was about to go to our way. It was dark already at first I didn’t notice it was you and stuff. I was tilting my head looking inside the gym then I noticed someone mocking my movements then suddenly you hid behind someone then walked to another to hide again. I knew what you were planning. You wanted to surprise me but I wanted to smack you. Lol, just kidding. Then, peek-a-boo!  You tried to surprise me right at my face. I shook my head to dismiss it (coz I might as well fall over the grounds to express my kilig) I asked you if by chance, you knew who’s the owner of the bag then I handed it to you. Then, ahuh, it was one of your friends who, absentmindedly, forgotten where he put his bag. You guys uttered stuffs and blahblah saying thank you. Sighs.

I’m getting more tired.

Today, I got another offer and I have to decide like real soon, 3 days from now.


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