ENTRY XXVIII | Mapaglarong tadhana

Oh gad. Oh gad.

Today, I’ve seen you so many times and have proven so many of my theories right. Connected the dots, rather. I, gad, just realized that you’re not into basketball that much as you’re into volleyball. I actually anticipated for nothing yesterday when all along you were going to play tomorrow. No regrets though. And, I just can’t wait to see you play.

Didn’t look for you but found you. Mission accomplished for today. I wanted to try not looking for you.

Lol, I also ignored you. I didn’t look at you when we crossed each other. I knew there could be another eye contact but I refused. Lol. Lol. LOL WHO WAS I TO DO THAT

Regret surged within me. 

I went home at 19:00. Then, I had to leave again to accompany my sister to buy her skater skirts. We could have chosen to ride a jeep but we preferred to walk to Baste. At 19:30, I saw you in the most unexpected way. I actually thought that you’d be going home late or something since you’re an officer or maybe because you’re a player tomorrow but never expected anything like this. I didn’t expect to bump into you. Well, not literally bump as in shoulders to shoulders.

When we turned the corner somewhere, there, I saw you. You saw me. We both stopped momentarily when we saw each other, pointing one another. You even mocked me saying: Gabi na. All I could do was smile and shake my head sideways then bye.


Hope I was able to say Ingat at least. Regret regret regret.

Got to stop myself. Got to stop myself. Got to stop myself coz I’m well aware how much you love your girl (if what you’re posting is real).





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