ENTRY XXVII | five hours

Song for today // Sila by Sud

♪ Walang sagot sa tanong
Kung bakit ka mahalaga
Walang papantay sa’yo ♪
Been excited for this day because I can finally see you like for a long time. I actually thought I’d get the chance to cheer you when you play but you didn’t. I also wanna thank The Big Guy up there who put me in the best position where I could see you just freely.

Today, I decided on something. I’ll stop falling in love with you.

Lol, who was I kidding?

Nah. I’m just gonna stop. I don’t know what I should stop. I don’t know what I should do but I think whatever I’m feeling right now should be put in halt.

Why am I like this, anyway? Why don’t I just fall in like? I rarely actually someone and when I do, I really do. Why do I even fall like this especially with someone impossible?

Oh, I was offered something today. It was something that could give me chance to get closer to you. I don’t know though. Help me, Lord.


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