ENTRY XXV | insignificant

Today, the first drizzle drop went straight to my left eye. Was it the clouds crying in behalf of the broken me?


I wanted to write something about you again. Lately, you were becoming everything from something. You were just someone before but now, you’re slowly becoming my sana ikaw na in this world of masakit umasa.

There are days when it just gets tiring. I never get tired of you. I was getting tired of my coward myself. I want to confess. I want something else to happen. I want to see you whenever I wish but I couldn’t. I always had to wait for fate to let me see you.

Today — I saw you but it’s not the same everyday. I knew I shouldn’t have had false hopes like whenever I see you, you’d notice me. It was just far fetched. I knew it myself but still failed. I still failed to strengthen myself. I still failed and got disappointed when you were already at your back walking away. I don’t know if you didn’t see me at all or maybe, I wasn’t just important at all.

Hope to see you again.


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