ENTRY XXIII | Imaginary

I’ve been looking forward to see you again ever since that day. I wanted to make sure if I was feeling right. If you actually exist. Were you only imaginary? I would ask myself often for I don’t know for some reasons, my country had to suffer from heavy rainfall since last week. It resulted to continuous announcement of suspensions since Tuesday last week. I felt happy when we had the smallest interaction last Aug. 12 that could actually make me feel almost ethereal, you replied to my tweet. That was unexpected, really. You were anonymous but I knew the right persons to ask.

I lost all the chances to prove that you actually existed until today. Yes, today. It has been a week. I’ve been taking glances everywhere always prepared whenever I have a chance to meet you but I met you earlier at the most unexpected time. I saw someone related to your course or maybe even your course-mate, I felt excited. I felt happy. I knew that was the moment I’ve been waiting for. I only wanted to reassure something. I went to the toilet room. I was scared. I didn’t know how I would react once I see you. I was afraid. Should I look at you? Would you look back? Or would you be staring first just like before? Or was it just me all along. I was anxious about many things.

Then, there were a bunch of people in my peripheral vision from the left. I was sure you weren’t there the first and last time I took a glance there. I was watching the T.V when my friends pulled me away then I saw you. You looked back. I just hoped, I saw it right. I was half-shocked, half-happy but most certainly, happy. Should I call this our 4th encounter?




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