If my memory serves me right, our first real encounter was last July 26 when you put the sash on me yourself and fixed it for me. Didn’t put any kind of malice into that, I swear. It was just a friendly gesture on my part from you who was just doing his duty as an officer.

Today, we met again. I didn’t really know you. I didn’t even know your name during the sash thingy.  I didn’t know you weren’t normal. Physical appearance, I’d say you’re not bad. You’re actually cute. That’s easy to say for me. I can bluntly say whether someone’s good looking or something anyway.You were just cute. Then, I didn’t know you were really the crazy type. Just my type but nah, I thought.

You would occasionally smile and that’s really cute. One reason I really like about Hoseok is that he’s always smiling. I could say I can actually fall for any guy who always smile. I find it adorable. I reckoned you wouldn’t dare start a conversation with me or even ask me simple questions for we never had any kind of that but you casually asked me about Ms. Hah, I just remembered you being such a dimwit the first time you appeared this  morning. I won’t mention it anymore for your benefit.

Then, when we arrived there. I didn’t know you were next to me while I was facing the higher year on my right or occasionally taking glances at the bunch of people sitting. Someone poked me. On impulse I looked at the higher year which I was slightly friends with. I suspected her to be the one making fun of me but she looked really innocent. Then, I turned to my left and saw you right next to me talking to the person next to you. Witty, I thought. The next time you did that I ignored you. Then, you did it again and I turned to look at you, not taking my glance away from you. Lmao, I can’t help but laugh right now because I can still remember the look on your face, that horrific reaction which turned to a laughter when you saw me guarding your movements. Later on, a person went between us but you still did it once more.

We were not even the slightest close.

One time, I asked a question to the person from my left but she was closing her eyes, praying intently. I dismissed it. Shocked, You called me to laugh at me for being ignored! How silly of You.

Just we were about to finish the whole usher thing, we crossed each other many times until the last time when we walked together to the place we’re supposed to meet with the others. You asked the basic questions, I answered.

We ate with the bunch. I only had a sandwich and one bottle of smart c while the rest had rice. You kept on teasing for me not having rice. I didn’t really have any appetite. I don’t do that diet thing. I was just not in the mood to eat rice. You even gave me your bottle of water like gad, a bite from your hotdog even but I totally rejected that.  You kept on calling me asking me if I were totally contented with my food.

I don’t know what to do with you.

From being cute, he turned to a charming one real quick.


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