Just as any other girl, I want a few of so many things. I have lots of stuffs going in mind every second. I want to try something new every minute. I want to take a rest every millisecond. I want a lot. I also want to be contented; but as much as I want to be, I find it impossible for now. For my young age, I just find it reasonable enough to wish for a lot of things, to be able to try one thing after another and enjoy the life, God has given us. I would only wish that I wouldn’t go up to the extent of too much which is greediness of everything. A minute ago I wanted to buy a lot of books and read them but I thought, I didn’t really need to buy it. I can borrow. I can. I just want to be able to read a lot of stories. I want to hear out the minds of different people AKA the authors of many magnificent books. To mention one, Harry Potter and the whole series, you know it. I was able to watch it even before I’m able to try reading it. It was part of my childhood. I’ve watched volume 1 to 5 like a hundred times already, I swear it. Thanks to Mom and Dad who randomly bought the whole package. Anyway, so, I wanted to buy but changed my mind. If I can borrow then better. The reason why I wanted to buy them was because I wanted to keep them to myself. How wonderful it is to hug those paperbacks in my hands and savor the feeling of owning something awesomely created by a magnificent human being. Isn’t it? But nah. That would only lead me to my unsought greediness.

I also want to shop, like even just once a month at the very least.

I want to go hiking! I want to visit one new place every month and see the beauty of every corner of the world. Of course, I’d have to start with my own country, the Philippines!

I want to slim down, like all the time. I want to run to the gym every single day.

I want to learn how to play my newly bought ukelele!! I want to learn how to play the piano, keyboard or whatever it is. I want to learn how to play any musical instrument.

I want to write a book and finish it and actually publish it.

I want to take  pictures. I want to be professional in photography and have my own portfolios.

I want to paint!

I want to watch lots of things, may it be asian dramas, movies, or animes.

I want to read, likewise, may it be manga or english novels!

I want to listen to lots of beautiful songs.

I want to laugh every single time.

I want to be happy.

& so many other things.

But most of all, I want to be able to do everything I can do to make up to God and be a good child to Him.

I want to be a worthy child of God.


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