ENTRY XVIII | Happy 3rd!

I was always fond of Korean pop AKA K-pop. Ever since I was younger, I always listened to this genre of music but I wasn’t really a fan before yet. I’d just listen to it occasionally and was always interested. I only became a fan, a stan (stalker fan) even, on my fourth year in high school. As cliché as it sounds, I became one through a korean drama – To the Beautiful You. I fell in love with Choi Minho of SHINee.



I started to search Choi Minho everywhere until I found out about SHINee, from searching his activities I fell right to the trap of SHINee. The first music video of them that I happened to watch was Lucifer. At first I only intended to watch one music video and only to look at Minho not until I realized that I have finished watching all of their current music videos and I were subconsciously already finding out everything about them then found myself a Shawol later on. That was 3 years ago, 2013 May. The next month I also became an EXO-L because of my curiosity of the friendship between Taemin of SHINee and Kai of EXO. I also became an I GOT7 prior to their debut. Proud mama here. It was my first time becoming a fan since debut so it felt good.

Then 2014 came. On April 7, I was, well usually, on twitter when my timeline was going crazy! Everybody was talking about a certain music video, newly released. It was midnight in S.Korea that time so it’s no surprise that it was the time of the day music videos are being released. Out of curiosity, again (curiosity killed the cat ah), I decided to click the link and watch the music video. I also invited my sister but we watched on separate laptops. It was my first time finishing a music video of BTS. It was my first time actually seeing them one by one. I’ve seen them once on their newly debuted days. This time not even halfway done yet, I was surprised myself, that I was actually shedding tears at how beautiful they were in Just one day 하루만. I put my hand on my chest as I listened to my heart beating so fast after stopping for awhile.

Oh, I just fell in love. Great.


I could still remember how they all enchanted my heart, most especially Jung Hoseok’s heartwarming smiles.





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