00016 With Kaye

Today, I went out with Kaye! I tend to go out a lot more these days and this time it’s Kaye. We went to Quiapo first for she had to do some errands for her mom. Along the way, I was able to buy a gift for my two silly friends, Helena and Jen. I hope they’ll like it. After Quiapo, we rode the jeep with an SM City Hall/Lawton sign. Sadly, we accidentally stopped and called the driver to drop us by the Post Office. I even wondered why the place isn’t familiar at all when we’re supposed to be dropped by the City Hall and then I realized we were in a different place. Thankfully, Kaye was quick to realize where and how to walk to SM Manila. As we arrived in SM Manila, we first went to LBC to do Kaye’s errand. I also did a remittance thing or whatever you call it to pay for my order in Deerest Everlasting Shop. Yes, I bought something, insert ugly sobbing sfx here. I ordered something online just when the concert of BTS is coming. Anyway, I just had to buy an official BTS light stick, I just had to. Going back, I forgot to say that before we did anything, we ran to McDo to feed our hungry pets living in our tummies. After LBC we went to NBS to buy my sister’s supplies that weren’t bought the last time we did. Kaye also checked out some stuffs then headed to SM Supermarket. I decided to buy a gift box of six brownies before we finally went home. It was quarter to 20:00 when I got home. Wide eyes plus tired body, dang.


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