00013 recital of jm + bloated feels

We went to SM San Lazaro as early as 2 o’clock for the recital of JM, my cousin. He did well! I could still remember how he breathe out extravagantly right after he finished his piece. He played the violin, by the way. And, sadly, I’ve forgotten the title of his piece. After he played his piece, my sister and I decided to go around. We started roaming around the mall by 17:15. We just literally ate and ate and ate again. Not much, but, it’s been a long time since we ate that much. You could call it your cheat day. We dropped by Dairy Queen and bought a regular vanilla cone and one cheesecake moolatte. Next, we decided to eat a lil bit of street food, one cup of kwek-kwek. Yum. Lastly, to quench our thirst, Fruitas called our souls to buy a banana + mango large cup. We decided to go back to the event’s place by 18:50 and it was near to its end, finally. Wendy’s served us for dinner. Gah, I actually didn’t want to eat, still feeling full after eating here and there but of course we had to. I even had to finish my sister’s food because she couldn’t take it anymore. I also had to finish even her drink. I just couldn’t fathom leaving a food or drink left unfinished. I just felt so bad after. Felt like my tummy won’t move for a month. I had to burp many times. I ran to the toilet room as soon as we got home. Never did it feel so good to pee. I need not to pee only once, twice but more than you could imagine. Sighs.


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