00011 I know

Today, I received a maybelline clear smooth all-in-one powder from mom. This will be the first time for me to ever use one for reals. We’re officially back to regular class on TTHs today. So, we had to take off by 17:30. Judy’s absent today, feeling sick. As we arrived there, we found them doing some forms already but technically speaking, we were not late. If we were, sabumnim would have gotten mad and punished us. I learned something new today and it’s turning side kick. It’s pretty tricky but easier to learn than side kick. Oh, I also found a new friend in someone, her name’s Bernadette.

As I was typing this I was listening to this song. I feel like crying. It’s a song produced by Rap Monster himself and Pdogg.

Lyrics – RM | Melodies – RM | Keyboard – Pdogg | Synthesizer – RM | Chorus – RM, Jungkook | Vocal arrangement – RM | Recording engineer – RM @ Mon’s Studio | Mix and Master – Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce


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