00009 Promotion Test

The day has finally come! I’ve been excited days ago for this day to come that we could officially take the promotion test from white belt to yellow belt and guess what? It was over before we even knew it. It didn’t take more than 20 minutes. The training more like rehearsal was even longer than it. Normally, we’d arrive there around 7 o’clock on MWFs but today for the promotion test we especially went as early as 2 o’clock. When we arrived there, many students have already arrived but still a few arrived late.

Gosh, I laughed so hard today. Bless is really funny especially when she’s nervous. Speaking of nervous, while I was so excited days ago, all the excitement faded away when the day itself, which is today, came! All that was left was nervousness. I was anxious about lots of things. What if I accidentally trip and fall? What if I don’t get to hear Grand Master’s question properly during our interview? What if I get distracted and do another thing contrary to our instructor’s command? What if I just randomly fall down? And many others you wouldn’t even think that I’d get anxious about.

I was also able to confirm that there’s another student who’s as old as me! We were too happy for our own good, like finally that ‘I’m not alone’ feels. She’s nice, really nice. At first, I didn’t get a good feeling about her but it’s not actually her. I only realized earlier this afternoon that the reason why I felt uncomfortable about her before is because she resembles the person I don’t particularly like at my school. One more thing, I just find it really funny how the brother of Bless seemed really excited about getting promoted to yellow belt. Right after we got finished, he ran to the other gym and wore an armor. Isn’t he excited? Cute kids. Oh, that guy, by the way, is growing into a heartthrob. Each day I just find out that more and more girls in our batch actually like him. Kids.

Oh, I experienced a little bit of that so called skinship with Mr. Gold Medalist today. I’m giggling. And, uh, I just found out his name. I happened to stumble upon it. Well, it’s not my fault if his name suddenly appeared in the ‘people you may know’ section.


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