00007 D-3

Three days to go until my promotional test from white belt to yellow belt and I just can’t wait! At 2 o’clock we’re expected to be there for preparation. I feel excited and nervous all at the same time, all the more because Grand Master Hong will administer it himself. Anyway, today’s pretty hectic. Thankfully, we bought beep cards yesterday because if not we’d still be lining up just to get into the LRT. Good timing, I guess. Mom and Dad dropped us in Vito Cruz and continued their way to Baclaran and all I could ask for was a new clothe for my phone. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find anything fancy. We practiced again how the promotional test would go like. For the batch 3 which composed of the last kids to do it, gaaaaah, it lasted really long. I wanted to train myself. If only I could and stand so I could practice with a mirror. We got off by six. Gosh, the traffic was horrible! It took us one hour to get home because of the hellish traffic. Usually it would only take at most 4o minutes, 12 minutes even if we were to ride a cab. As we dropped by Quiapo, I was finally able to buy a new case! Oh oh oh, do you know Dolce Amore? It’s still an ongoing filipino drama and well I’m a fan of it. Tonight’s episode is just *insert heart eyes*


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