00004 Mr. Potter

Today, we went off earlier than usual. Monday to Wednesday is really hectic when it comes to riding the LRT (light rail transit) from Central to Vito Cruz. It’s easy on Thursdays and Fridays by the way. We usually leave the house at 18:00 sometimes, past it but today we left quarter to 6 and because of that we’re one hour earlier than our schedule. We decided to eat at Mcdo since we still have time for digestion with the given time.

Guess what? I was partnered with Mr. Potter. I won’t tell you who he is. He’s right beside me. I felt my heartbeat go fast because I knew when we do the self-defense and sparring, we’d be partnered again. I was right. Oddly, when we faced each other, I didn’t feel anything anymore. I felt nice that I was able to talk and laugh with him comfortably since I’m not really good with boys. I just found out today that he’s actually really talkative. Whenever we do the measure thing, it’s like doing a bump fist but with both hands so of course we’d do that. I thought I’d feel something but nah. When we’re asked to stand at attention I bowed instinctively but I stood straight up immediately before I get noticed however my partner followed after me and he bowed 90 degrees already. I swear, we totally laughed at it. The next time, we were to do the one leg combination and we’re only supposed to shout at the last kick which is the side kick but my partner shouted from the very first kick. The funny thing is I also followed him subconsciously and shouted. Another laughter. We just laughed and laughed. Today’s good. He’s actually gayish sometimes but I don’t mind. He’s just funny.

I’m happy that I’m able to talk to Roro and the other guys comfortably again. Although I know everything’s temporary but still.


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