00003 TKD

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that originated 2000 years ago during the Silla dynasty and is now an official Olympic sport. Tae means “to jump, kick or smash with the feet,” kwon means “to punch or destroy with the hands,” and do means “the art, the way or the method.”

I started last March 21, 2016 and I still can’t believe I’ve been training for more than a month now. Basically, we’re training almost the same thing every single day, adding something new bit by bit everyday. However, you’d never get tired of it. It’s the art of mastering something that would eventually grow within you. I was nervous on my first day. I didn’t know anything about it. All I know was I already fell in love with it. When I was younger, my parents told us that they’d send us to a martial art school but it never turned into a reality not until now. So, I was really excited this time although I’m 18 years old already.

Do you get that feeling of happiness whenever your teacher acknowledges you? Yes? Of course. It feels really good. Today (not only today but I’d want to emphasize what happened today), we didn’t do any warm-ups which was new because we were always strict about it. Our instructor surprised us by making us do foundation form 1 one by one in front. Oh, how much I hated graded recitations!!! It felt like it. However, the thing is in TKD (taekwondo), it feels different. The moment I was called I had to sprang up and ran to the front (you have to always run whenever you’re called! there’s no room for slowpokes here). When I was in front already, all my nervousness faded away. I was able to put some focus and do my thing. Later on, frantically, I thought it was over but he also asked us to do the self-defense in front but not everybody this time. First he called from the kids on the left (we were separated from the kids, they were in the left while my age are in the right side) then from our side. He called Aaron, one of my age who can do it good. To do the self-defense, of course, there’s a need for a partner and I wasn’t expecting to be called! I didn’t find myself good enough but I was shocked when Sir called my name. I was happy and feeling acknowledged. Thankfully, I was able to execute the steps successfully.


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