2016 April: Boracay | Christening | Capiz

On April 29 2016, we left for Capiz but first we decided to stop over Boracay. Here’s my record of our trip since I’m not really good at telling story about every detail. I love jotting down what’s happening though.

April 29, 2016:

18:00 We left home.

19:40 Stop over

19:57 Continued

21:15 Touchdown Batangas

23:30 Fastcat (the ferry we chose)

0:15 Take off

02:00 Touchdown Calapan, Oriental Mindoro

06:10 Port of Bulalacao (We ate breakfast here as we waited for the captain, driver, to take a short rest after a continuous driving.)

08:40 Back to Fastcat

10:10 Take off

13:30 Aklan

14:20 Departure to Boracay

14:25 Touchdown Boracay

14:45 Rode the multicab

14:55 Hotel and sadly I already forgot the name of it

The rest of the afternoon was enjoyed for swimming! Yes! It’s been so long since I last visited Boracay and it sure didn’t change much. Sadly, our last visit was a bit disastrous since it was just after a typhoon which resulted to a ‘lil bit of a dirty beach. This time’s visit was good though.

We also tried the skim board thing for P400 (I think) good for 1 hour. I’m the one in the middle and in my left is Judy (my sister) and the guy who’s on my right side is JM (cousin).
This is me. Mom insisted that I use this to change my DP (on FB) and so I did.

That’s my sister, Judy, right there! We’re  not really the clingy type. Normally, we’re kicking each other’s butts, lol.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
My whole family. Dad, Judy (at the back), Mom and JM who didn’t know how to place himself right to be seen in the picture, lmao.

April 30, 2016

04:10 Bye hotel

04:50 Bye Boracay (ugly sobbing)

05:00 Aklan

06:30 Kalibo

09:00 Roxas City! Finally.

10:10 President Roxas, Lutodlutod

11:00 Church

I got invited to be a godmother of my first ever nephew by my cousin, Elaiza Jane. It felt great. I was just going along with them. It felt like I was listening to a Latin Mass since it’s in Capiz, of course, their Mass was spoken in their local language there. I just had to go along with my co-godmothers’ actions. The baby was named Michael Angelo and he’s too adorable. I didn’t know being a godmother would feel so great. It’s my first time to be a one by the way.

Isn’t he adorable? I was afraid at first that he might fall and I realized soon after how I was holding him the wrong way. Anyway, I knew at that moment that I wouldn’t let him fall in any way possible. What I love about this kid is that he’s always smiling plus laughing already by his 5 months age!!

12:00 End of Baptism

13:15 Bus to Roxas City

14:10 Tricycle to airport

14:30 Arrived and got ready

15:35 Boarding time

It was just the two of us, my sister and I! My parents and cousin had to stay there for four more days while we had to return. I still had class and my sister just wanted to tag along. This was actually the exciting part since it would be the first time for us to travel alone even just for a short time. We also had to ride the taxi after which was a big struggle looking for one. We had to go around the airport. If only mom was with us, she’ll know where to go.

16:00 Departure (Bye Roxas!)

16:45 TOUCHDOWN MANILA! Home sweet home.

We lived in solidarity for four days. It was well spent, lol. Feeling independent even just for four days.



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