00001 Her first article

Basically, this is my first article here in WordPress. I may not be really good at writing but I always loved it. I always wanted to vlog but more than that I wanted to blog. However, I decided to start off with a blog first so I can already do it. Vlogging, I believe, deserves a good setting and good gadgets to have a quality video. Blog as you all know means Web log while Vlog is video blog = video web log. I originally wanted to say a different matter here and not just about my first time here so I’ll proceed. I’ve been feeling really bad these days. No matter how I try, people tend to bring me down. The sad thing is my family itself is causing this “bring me down” feels. How am I supposed to trust anyone if I can’t trust my family anymore? I always had this motto, “Believe.” No matter what happens, believe. This time, it’s just quite impossible. To believe is to do it with reason and what’s happening right now seems to have no reason so I’m really out of it. This might sound vague but I can’t really deliberately mention the real thing.


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