Please wait for me,

As i further enhance my skills

As i partake in this activity,

Please continue to support me.

As i put myself into it,

Please motivate me.

As i appear before you,

Please smile at me.

Thought I’d start trembling,

As soon as you appeared before me.

Was dumbfounded, yes.

But scared, no.

Was amazed, yes.

But surprised, no.

Was expected, yes.

But disappointed, no.

In a heart beat,

I knew I got to begin this journey.

Walked slowly,

To arrive surely.

Breathed in moderately,

To survive completely.

Took my last step seriously,

To show you my intention sincerely.

Grateful that I chose this path,

I smiled at you seemingly.

Hoping you got the message,

I was trying to relay.

Anticipating your reaction,

The thing I’ve been waiting for.

Ending this poem,

With a love note for you.


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