The door opened

At the same time my heart did

As bright as the sun,

You were shining

Almost got blinded

Never knew I’d hope to be

But for that moment

How I wish I was

You walked past me

Felt like a dust

My hair lost its place

My heart lost its beat

Years passed

Memories still lingering

Tears still trying

Heart be faking

Consciously, I walked

To you

But same thing happened

Forgotten and ignored

Oh, I misunderstood

How to forget someone’s

Existence, you don’t even know

My existence you’re not wary of

Same story

Same outline

Same scenarios

But no one cares,

I don’t care

This is you and I

For the first time

In one place


Our hands held

Didn’t want to let go

Heart started throbbing

Was in pain but didn’t care

What to care

If you mattered the most

They say,

It’s stupid

It’s childish

It’s puppy love

It’s whatever they say

But I say,

This is how I feel

End’s no near,

This poem’s still

Got a long way to go

You know that

Don’t you


Just feels like it

Same how i feel

Thought I like him

No more

But it was just a thought



My feelings…


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