Fly, My Butterfly

You were about to bloom,

When I met you struggling to live.

I stayed by your side,

Hoping it will last more than forever.

Knowing it wouldn’t,

A bliss that will only last for a moment.

Few days left,

Until you’ll finally set off on your own.

Tears started to fall,

My heart losing each part of it,

Until it felt almost empty.

Why do you have to bloom so soon?

Was I too late,

Or were you just meant to leave?

The day came,

I was looking for you everywhere.

With my shaking heart,

I looked back and saw your silhouette.

Why did you have to be breathtakingly beautiful?

I turned my back and looked back again,

I knew for that moment,

Our eyes met.

Fly with all your might, My Butterfly.

This is heavily inspired by my dearest ultimate bias, Jung Hoseok.


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