Deferred Time

Are you going to leave as well,

Just as how others did?

I always swayed around here,

Wondering when those people,

Who left, will come back.

I almost lost count but I didn’t.

It’s been 3456 days since I waited in vain.

No, it’s not in vain.

I’m waiting for people who are special to me,

People I treasured enough,

To wait this long.

Tripped and fell many times.

Hoped that someone would pick me up.

But again, I waited and no one came.

I wonder, if it was a dream.

If it was a dream,

To have met you all.

So long yet so fast,

Been waiting for thousand days,

But just feels like a blink of an eye.

Is it me idling the whole time,

or my time that has stopped?


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