Do you mind?

every person hides under a mask, a façade, they say

others pretend to be tough but weak inside

while others try to cover up the evilness within them

i wonder what kind of mask you’re wearing

every person is called to interrelationship

others are oblivious of their surrounding

while others just care because they’re scared of loneliness

i wonder what kind of person you are

every person is bound to complement one another

others try as much not to let others get into them

while others can’t live without a companion even for a second

i wonder what you prefer

every person has their own point of view

others wholeheartedly say “What a sunny day!”

while others instinctively say “Screw this heat.”

i wonder what kind of perspective you have

every person is unique and distinct

like how i am wondering all day and night

almost as if i care with everything that is happening around me

i wonder, do you mind if i endlessly wonder?


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